Corporate Postharvest Research

After the acquisition of Floralife, Inc. by Smithers-Oasis Company in 2007, the union of both Floralife and Smithers-Oasis combined to provide a full circle of flower care and floral design products, as well as expanded distribution and research capabilities throughout the floriculture industry.

For more than 70 years, Floralife, Inc. has provided postharvest care and handling solutions at every level of the cut-flower distribution chain. Our postharvest research staff consists of PhD. scientists and research specialists who are dedicated to optimizing the quality of fresh-cut flower life through quantified research.

Our research locations are strategically located in major flower markets around the world, where we are able to work closely with the local industry on the challenges of the distribution chain.

This ongoing research provides valuable insight on best practices to maximize flower life. Floralife offers a complete line of postharvest products; including ethylene inhibitors, flower hydration solutions, and Floralife® Fresh Flower Foods.